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1 –   Yds Özel ders ( Bireysel – Yds Özel ders )
2 –   Yds Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  Yds Özel ders )

YDS sınavı hazırlık programlarına uygun olarak hazırlanmış olan aşağıdaki yds sınav denemesi,sınava hazırlanan aday öğrencilerin sınavda ne tür sorularla karşılaşacakları konusunda kendilerine bir fikir verebilir. Yds sınavlarına  YDS sınavı hazırlık programları ile katılabilir ve bireysel olarak yds İngilizce özel ders alabilirsiniz. Bireysel katılımlarda yds İngilizce özel ders alan öğrencilere, derslerin işlendiği gün ve saatler konusunda bir ayrıcalık tanınır ve aday öğrenci istediği gün ve saatlerde derslere katılabilir.Yada , 4 kişilik İngilizce seviyeleri bir birlerine denk olan homojen gruplara katılarak yds İngilizce özel ders alabilirsiniz. Grup şeklinde uygulanan yds İngilizce özel ders programları, grubu oluşturan öğrenci sayısının azlığı nedeni ile, bireysel yds İngilizce özel ders niteliğindedir. Zira, sayının az olması sonucunda, yds hocaları grubun tüm adayları ile teker teker ilgilenebilir ve grup dersleri yds İngilizce özel ders niteliği kazanır.

1 ) The current manned program, …………. has been more of a country ramble.

A) on the other hand
B) similiar
C) as a result of
D) besides
E) since

2 ) The space station, first proposed by Ronald Reagan in 1984, with an announced completion date of 1989 and a price tag of $9 billion, …………. was not fully built until 2011 and cost a tidy $100 billion.

A) similir
B) despite
C) instead
D) such as
E) as much

3 ) What that means is that the risk of getting cancers like leukemia or thyroid cancer is already very, very low, and even those who lived close to Fukushima and ………….. most likely received the highest radiation doses will see only a small increase in that small danger.

A) while
B) although
C) moreover
D) on the other hand
E) therefore

4 ) …………. an earlier study by researchers at Stanford University estimated that the radiation from Fukushima might result in an as many as 1,300 additional cancer deaths globally, some researchers feel that the WHO may have even overestimated the increased risk from the accident.

A) By the time
B) When
C) While
D) on the condition that
E) Because

5 ) …………. by spending significantly more public money on energy research and subsidizing clean power, you’ll be able to achieve carbon cuts and build a new clean energy economy without engaging much in politics at all.

A) In case
B) As well as
C) Similiar
D) If
E) Instead

Yds Sınavı Denemesi

6 ) And …………. there are executive actions or EPA regulations that could begin to address carbon emissions, we really need more ambitious legislation.

A) once
B) while
C) unless
D) before
E) therefore

7 ) …………… a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that’s exactly what’s happened to the western end of the great U.S. corn belt.

A) In addition to
B) In order to
C) Instead
D) Despite
E) According to

8 ) ……………. even that’s not as simple as it appears a commenter at Jalopnik notes that the car might have still had some power, but that the battery powering the accessories and electronics seemed drained.

A) Because
B) Suppose that
C) Though
D) In case
E) Providing

9 ) ………….Tesla is mostly right that Broder didn’t operate his Tesla S for maximum efficiency, the reality is that electric cars even ones that can supposedly get 300 miles to a charge—aren’t ready to drive long distances.

A) By the time
B) Once
C) Unless
D) Even if
E) Since

Yds Sınavı Denemesi10 ) ……………., it became that much more difficult for health officials to track H5N1 outbreaks because Tamiflu-dosed chickens could still get infected and spread the virus but without showing the symptoms that would set off medical alarm bells.

A) Therefore
B) Furthermore
C) As a result
D) Whatever
E) Even though

Yds Sınavı Denemesi

CORRECT ANSWERS (Doğru Yanıtlar)

1 ) A
2 ) C
3 ) E
4 ) C
5 ) E
6 ) B
7 ) E
8 ) C
9 ) D
10 ) C


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