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1 –   İngilizce Yds Dersi ( Bireysel  İngilizce Yds Dersi )
2 –   İngilizce Yds Dersi  ( 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  İngilizce Yds Dersi )


Yds Sınavı ve Çalışması


1 ) …………. that battle he took command of Task Force 16, a task force built around the carrier USS Enterprise, which he led during the long and difficult Solomon Islands campaign, participating in the Battles of the Eastern Solomons and the Santa Cruz Islands.

A) After
B) While
C) Since
D) As long as
E) In case

2 ) ………… still at Annapolis, Kinkaid met Helen Sherburne Ross, the daughter of a Philadelphia businessman.

A) After
B) While
C) Since
D) So long as
E) Since

3 ) …………. 1945, there have been no additional Fleet Admirals appointed for the U.S. Navy. However, the rank of Fleet Admiral still remains listed on official rank insignia precedence charts, and if needed, this rank could be reestablished at the discretion of Congress and the President.

A) While
B) After
C) Whether
D) When
E) Since

4 ) There is also  no evidence of tiles ………..this temple suggesting either the temple was never finished or that the temple was open ………the sky.

A) for / in
B) from / with
C) through / of
D) on / to
E) by / at

5 ) ………… greatest and earliest free-standing temple to Hera was the Heraion of Samos, in the Greek mainland Hera was especially worshipped as “Argive Hera” at her sanctuary that stood between the former Mycenaean city-states of Argos and Mycenae, where the festivals in her honor called Heraia were celebrated.

A) In spite of
B) Once
C) Though
D) When
E) By the time

Yds Sınavı ve Çalışması

6 ) …………. Alexander was ten years old, a trader from Thessaly brought Philip a horse, which he offered to sell for thirteen talents.

A) When
B) Whether
C) wherever
D) If
E) Unless

7 ) ………… Philip marched south, his opponents blocked him near Chaeronea, Boeotia.

A) Just as
B) Even if
C) Although
D) Provided
E) As

8 ) ……… the victory at Chaeronea, Philip and Alexander marched unopposed into the Peloponnese, welcomed by all cities; however, when they reached Sparta, they were refused, but did not resort to war.

A) Even though
B) Even if
C) Because of
D) After
E) In spite of

9 ) ……… this did not directly influence the culture of the Persians they did not feel the need to begin a rebellion as their men and rulers were treated with proper respect.

A) Because
B) Though
C) As
D) When
E) Once

10 ) …………. he was chased by some troops ‘Alexander treated them  with the respect out of consideration’ which demonstrated his continued generosity and kindness towards those he conquered.

A) Unless
B) As soon as
C) Although
D) Whenever
E) Whether

Yds Sınavı ve Çalışması

CORRECT ANSWERS (Doğru Yanıtlar)

1) A
2) B
3) E
4) D
5) C
6) A
7) E
8) D
9) B
10) C

Yds Sınavı ve Çalışması

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