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1 –   İngilizce Yds Özel ders ( Bireysel – İngilizce Yds Özel ders )
2 –   İngilizce Yds Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  İngilizce Yds Özel ders )

1 ) ……………. other studies have linked averaged-out temperature increases in China and other countries to greenhouse gases, this research is the first to link the warmer daily hottest and coldest readings, or spikes.

A) By the time
B) Since
C) Because
D) While
E) What

2 ) The study by Chinese and Canadian researchers found that just …………… greenhouse gases, daytime highs rose 0.9 degree Celsius (1.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in the 46 years up to 2007.

A) because of
B) in  case of
C) in spite of
D) behalf of
E) regardless of

3 ) It’s a good thing, ………………. that the AMS will keep operating for several more years, at least: the more positrons it can find, the firmer the case could become that their source really is dark matter, and physicists might even be able to reason backward and infer the nature of the original particle itself.

A) but
B) therefore
C) since
D) while
E) whereas

4 ) That would make it the most powerful quake to be blamed on deep injections of wastewater, ……………  a study published Tuesday by the journal Geology.

A) in order to
B) accordance with
C) despite
D) similiar
E) according to

5 ) ………… Bolden did call attention to how unprepared we are with technology to deal from the impact of a collision with a NEO, he attempted to assuage fears by noting that the probability of such objects impacting Earth within the next 100 years is “extremely remote.”

A) Because
B) As long as
C) Though
D) Even if
E) When

Yds Sınavı için Çalışma

6 ) The company provides a mobile app that allows customers to see how and where they use electricity, ………….. receive service updates from their utility.

A) similiar
B) as well as
C) despite
D) such as
E) as well as

7 ) …………. 71.4 percent of the universe being that mysterious force, it’s 68.3 percent.

A) Regardless of
B) Behalf of
C) In spite of
D) Instead of
E) Because of

8 ) Planck shows that inflation is proving to be the best explanation for what happened just after the Big Bang, ………….. that doesn’t mean it is the right theory or that it even comes close to resolving all the outstanding problems in the theory, Efstathiou said.

A) but
B) since
C) therefore
D) while
E) moreover

9 ) From a climate perspective, though, the SEIS seems to indicate that Obama’s decision won’t make much of a difference at all, largely ………….. much of the oil could be shipped by other pipelines or increasingly by  rail.

A) while
B) by the time
C) because
D) whatever
E) although

Yds Sınavı için Çalışma10 ) ………… all pipeline capacity is restricted in the future, including Keystone, oil sands production would fall just 2 to 4% by 2030.

A) Even though
B) Even if
C) Because
D) If only
E) When

CORRECT ANSWERS (Doğru Yanıtlar)

1 ) D
2 ) A
3 ) B
4 ) E
5 ) C
6 ) B
7 ) D
8 ) A
9 ) C
10 ) B


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