Yds Grammer ve Çalışma

 1 –   Yds Özel ders ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –   Yds Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  Yds Özel ders )

 Yds Grammer ve Çalışma

1 ) ………….. the Incheon landing, the 1st Cavalry Division began its northward advance from the Pusan Perimeter.

A) As long as
B) As if
C) Just as
D) After
E) Because

2 ) A notable example of a religious site is Paro Taktsang, ……….. Padmasambhava is said to have founded Buddhism in Bhutan.

A) where
B) which
C) that
D) by which
E) whose

3 )  …………… some Latin dictionaries use J it is for the most part not used for Latin text as it was not used in classical times, although many other languages use it.

A) Although
B) By the time
C) just at that time
D) When
E) Before

4 )  …………. the Roman Empire’s expansion and subsequent trade with outlying European tribes, the Romans borrowed some northern and central European words, such as beber, of Germanic origin, and bracae, of Celtic origin.

A) Because of
B) In spite of
C) Behalf of
D) in accordance with
E) In case of

5 ) ……….. his return to England he resumed his connection with The Manchester Guardian as its London music critic.

A) Even though
B) Even if
C) Just as
D) While
E) After

 Yds Grammer ve Çalışma

6 )  He regularly attended the fortnightly concerts at the Royal Manchester College of Music, ……….. students’ performances were assessed by the principal, Adolph Brodsky.

A) which
B) where
C) whose
D) by which
E) that

7 ) …….. a music critic, Cardus’s romantic, instinctive approach was the opposite of Newman’s objective school of musical criticism. Initially in awe of Newman’s reputation, Cardus soon discovered his own independent, more subjective voice.

A) Just as
B) Even though
C) As sooın as
D) As
E) Once

8 ) …………. the turn of the century Kings Cross has witnessed a large number of real estate developments, both refurbishments of historic apartment buildings and the construction of new ones.

A) Whereas
B) Whereever
C) Whether
D) Since
E) When

9 ) …………. the origin of the city’s name is debatable, the name “Gold Coast” was bestowed upon the city by real estate investors.

A) Because
B) While
C) Until
D) Unless
E) In case

10 )  It was now constitutionally established that King and Parliament should rule together, ………… Parliament would have the real power.

A) owing to
B) despite
C) as well
D) though
E) what

 Yds Grammer ve Çalışma


CORRECT ANSWERS (Doğru Yanıtlar)

1) D
2) A
3) A
4) A
5) E
6) B
7) D
8) D
9) B
10) D


Yds Grammer ve Çalışma

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