Yds Gramer Testi Soruları

1 –   Yds Özel ders ( Bireysel – Yds Özel ders )
2 –    Yds Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  Yds  Özel ders )

Yds sınavı akademik seviyede bir sınav olduğundan aşağıda gramer konusunda örnekleri verilen bu sorular yds sınavına hazırlanan adaylar için çok yararlı bir çalışma oluşturmaktadır. Bu şekilde yds sınavında gelen bu tür soruları çözümlemek konusunda çalışanlara büyük bir yarar sağlayacağına eminim.Bu çalışmaların çok sayıda yapılması bu tür soruların çözümünde büyük bir süre kazanımına neden olur . Unutmayalım ki yds sınavı gibi akademik sınavlarda belirli bir süre içerisinde sorular çözülmek zorundadır. Zaman çok önemli bir faktördür.

1 –  In terms of artistic development it was again the French and the Americans…………. took the lead, though in the years before the First World War, Italy, Denmark and Russia also played a part.

A) where
B) whom
C) what
D) whose
E) who

2 –  The Italian industry, ……………had pioneered the feature film with spectacular films like “Quo Vadis?”

A) whatever
B) that
C) which
D) why
E) however

3 –  In Europe, only Germany proved industrially capable,………….. in the new Soviet Union and in Japan, the development of the cinema took place in conditions of commercial isolation.

A) so
B) since
C) as
D) while
E) just as

4 –  Hollywood films appealed ……………….they had better constructed narratives, their special effects were more impressive, and the star system added a new dimension to screen acting.

A) even though
B) so long as
C) because
D) unless
E) in case

5 –  However, during this ‘Silent Film’ era, animation, comedy, serials and dramatic features continued to thrive, along with factual films or documentaries,……….. acquired an increasing distinctiveness as the period progressed.

A) that
B) which
C) by which
D) whose
E) in which

6 –  Of the countries …………..developed and maintained distinctive national cinemas in the silent period, the most important were France, Germany and the Soviet Union.

A) where
B) what
C) why
D) which
E) on which

7 –  Of these, the French displayed the most continuity, in spite of the war and post-war economic uncertainties.

A) Unless
B) although
C) in spite of
D) because
E) when

8 –  German cinema, relatively insignificant ………. the pre-war years, exploded ……… to the world scene after 1919.

A) on / of
B) in / on
C) at / of
D) into / at
E) with / along

9 –  They turned their back on the past, leaving the style of the pre-war Russian cinema to the émigrés………………..fled westwards to escape the Revolution.

A) who
B) which
C) whose
D) where
E) what

10 – The newspaper production process has come a long way from the old days …………………the paper was written, edited, typeset and ultimately printed in one building with the journalists working on the upper floors and the printing presses going on the ground floor.

A) until
B) before
C) because
D) when
E) since

CORRECT ANSWERS ( Doğru yanıtlar )

1) E
2) C
3) D
4) C
5) B
6) D
7) C
8) B
9) A
10) D

Yds Gramer Testi

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