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The Present Continuous Passive ,The Past Continuous Passive, Alıştırmalar

1 –   İngilizce Özel ders ( Bireysel – İngilizce Özel ders )
2 –   İngilizce Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  İngilizce Özel ders )

The Present Continuous Passive

A fire extinguisher is being used to put the fire out.

Further example:

My car is being washed now.
Cars are being  stopped by a policeman.

We use are, is or am + being + past participle to form the present continuous passive.

Exercise 367. Make sentences in the present continuous passive, using the words given.

1 the carpets / clean / at present.
2 the fruit / pick / now.
3 the lorry / load / with sacks of potatoes.
4 the patient / give / an injection by the nurse.
5 the questions / photocopy / now.
6 our answer sheets / check / by the teacher.
7 the two suspects / take to the police station.
8 a new book / print at the moment.
9 our school / prepare / fort he Republic Day.
10 the road between the two towns / widen?
11 the new Foreign Minister / brief / about the Cyprus problem.
12 the cotton plantation / irrigate / today?
13 the bed clothes / wash / in the laundry / at the moment.
14 the ironing / do / by Susan at the moment.
15 a tunnel / drill / under the hill.
16 modern machines / use / in the construction of the road.
17 New central heating / install / in our apartment building.
18 what / do / over there?
19 who / the excavations in Ephesus / carry out / by?
20 who / your car / polish / by?


A highway is being built between İzmir and Aydın.
Some streets in the town are being widened.
Do you know if the robbers are stil being questioned by the police?

Writing and speaking

1 Describe what precautions are being taken by the authorities to reduce traffic jams and road accidents in the country.

2 Describe what is being done to solve the shortage of electricity in the country.

3 Descibe what measures are being taken by the government to reduce the budget deficits.

The Past Continuous Passive

When I got to the emergency room, a nurse was wheeling a little girl towards the operating theatre.
(active)                                         object

As seen above, we use was or were + being + past participle to form the past continuous passive.

Exercise 368. Make sentence in the past continuous tense passive, using the words given.

1 Some blood / take / from a patient to be tested.
2 A womans temperature / take / by a nurse.
3 A few patients / examine / by doctors.
4 Someone’s blood pressure / measure.
5 A patient / give / an injection to relieve the pain.
6 A patients name / age / his fathers name, etc. / register / by a nurse.
7 A patients wound / bandage.
8 Some prescriptions /write out / by doctors.
9 A patient / advise / about his case.
10 A bed sheet dirtied by blood / change / by an attendant.

Useful pattern sentences

When the ambulance arrived, the victims were being given first-aid.
What was being done by the locals when the fire engines came?

Speaking and writing

1 Describe what was being done at your home when you got up this morning.
2 Describe what was being done around you on your way to school this morning.

The Present Continuous Passive ,The Past Continuous Passive



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