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1 –   İngilizce Özel ders ( Bireysel – İngilizce Özel ders )
2 –   İngilizce Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  İngilizce Özel ders )

Hiç İngilizce bilmeyenlere genel İngilizceden başlayarak YDS,IELTS,PROFICIENCY,TOEFL gibi akademik sınavlara özel derslerle öğrenciler hazırlanır.

Study the examples below and pay attention to changes in tense, subject pronouns, object pronouns, self pronouns, possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns, determiners, time expressions etc.

Direct : I am very happy today.
Indirect : Mary said (that) she was very happy that day.

Direct : I have two sisters.
Indirect : He said (that) he had two sisters.

Direct : I am helping my father.
Indirect : He said (that) he was helping his father.

Direct : I’ll help you.
Indirect : She said (that) she would help me.

Direct : We did our homework by ourselves.
Indirect : They said (that) they had done their homework by themselves.

Direct : It is not yours, it is mine.
Indirect : She said (that) it wasnt mine, it was hers.

Direct : I always do my homework by myself.
Indirect : She said (that) she always did her homework by herself.

Direct : I have just talked to my father on the telephone.
Indirect : He told me that he had just talked to his father on the telephone.

Direct : We have been working in this plant for years.
Indirect : They told us they had been working in that plant for years.

İngilizce Özel Ders , Reporting statementsİngilizce Özel Ders , Reporting statementsLook at the examples and pay atention to how the modals change in form.

Direct :  I can play the piano.
Indirect : Peter said he could play the piano.

Direct : They may come tomorrow.
Indirect : My father said that they might come next day.

Direct : When I arrived, they were resting under a tree.
Indirect : He said that they were resting/had been resting under a tree when he arrived.

Exercise 1.  Report the following statements using said as a reporting verb.

The other day I visited my nephew and he told me a lot about himself. These are some of the things he said.

1  I am attending a language course to improve my English.
   He said he was attending a language course to improve his English.
2  I said, ‘’I have a lot of work to do.’’
3  She told me, ‘’I can make my dress myself.’’
4  She told me, ‘’It is very necessary for everybody to learn a foreign language.’’
5  The boss told the workers, ‘’You must finish the work today.’’
6  The teacher told us, ‘’You can take some notes during the lesson.’’
7  The twins told me, ‘’We are going to Marmaris tomorrow’’.
8  Figen said, ‘’I am interested in needlework’’.
9  Utku said,’’I have a headache’’.
10  One of the workers said, ‘’We were dismissed a week ago.’’
11  Gonca told her mother,’’I will go to the hairdresser’s to have my hair done this afternoon.
12  My mother said,’’We need few furniture fort he kitchen.’’
13  The Prime Minister told the journalists, ‘’Our government will take some strict precautions to reduce inflation.’’
14  Nuran said, ‘’I dont like maths’’.
15  The teacher told us, ‘’You ought to do your homework on time.’’


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