İngilizce Yds Sınavı Çalışması Hakkında



1 –   İngilizce Yds Özel ders ( Bireysel – İngilizce Yds Özel ders )
2 –   İngilizce Yds Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  İngilizce Özel Yds ders )

İngilizce Yds Sınavı Çalışması  hazırlık programlarına uyumlu bir şekilde  hazırlanmış olan aşağıdaki İngilizce Yds Sınavı Çalışması , sınava hazırlanan aday öğrencilerin sınavda ne çeşit sorularla  yüz yüze gelecekleri hususunda kendilerine bir fikir verebilir. Yds sınavlarına İngilizce Yds Sınavı Çalışması hazırlık programlarına iştirak edebilir ve bireysel olarak yds İngilizce özel ders alabilirsiniz. Bireysel katılımlarda yds İngilizce özel ders alan öğrencilere, derslerin işlendiği gün ve saatler konusunda öncelik verilir ve aday öğrenci arzu ettiği gün ve saatlerde derslere katılabilir. Yada , 4 kişilik , İngilizce düzeyleri bir birlerine denk olan homojen gruplara katılarak yds İngilizce özel ders alabilirsiniz. Grup şeklinde uygulanan yds İngilizce özel ders programları, grubu oluşturan öğrenci sayısının az olması dolayısı ile, bireysel yds İngilizce özel ders niteliğindedir. Zira, sayının az olması neticesinde, yds hocaları grubun tüm adayları ile teker teker ilgilenebilir ve grup dersleri yds İngilizce özel ders özelliğine bürünür.




Yds Sınavı Çalışması1 ) ……….. the country has made huge investments in alternative energy such as wind, solar and nuclear in recent years, its heavy reliance on coal is unlikely to change any time soon. A) While B) Because C) On the condition that D) In case E) When 2 ) …………. carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for about a century, China and its defenders maintain that the U.S. and other developed nations bear more responsibility for climate change. A) Provided that B) What C) Because D) Whether E) Although 3 ) The rock would then be towed back to the vicinity of the moon ………… it would be safely parked in space. A) by which B) which C) whatever D) why E) where 4 ) Among other methods, volcanic rocks can be dated by examining substances trapped within crystals when the rock formed, using their decay as a clock; sedimentary rocks, ………… can be assigned relative dates using signs left in rocks as the Earth’s orbit shifted over eons. A) B) C) on the other hand D) E) 5 ) Opower is also working with Honeywell, which is selling a WiFi-enabled thermostat, to create web and mobile platforms that customers can employ to better manage their electricity use, ………..they’re away from home. A) if only B) even if C)  since D) while E) for 6 ) AutoGrid’s algorithms sort through the petabytes of data created by smart meters ………… exterior factors that might influence power consumption at different times, like weather and spit out solutions that enable utilities and their customers to automatically shift non-essential electricity use to non-peak times. A) as long as B) as much C) such as D) as well as E) in addition to 7 ) …………. all pipelines are restricted, emissions would increase by 350,000 metric tons CO2e to 5.3 million metric tons. A) By the time B) Unless C) As soon as D) Even if E) As though 8 ) ……….. it is entirely possible that Canada could and will choose to ship its oil sands crude to Asia, that would require a another pipeline that some native groups in Canada have opposed in the past. A) Unless B) While C) Even if D) Because E) As long as 9 ) But when the whole point of your system is to resist a charge, you run small and cool ………. big and hot. A) smiliar B) instead of C) despite D) regardless of E) in accordance with 10 ) But as far as anyone can tell by carefully measuring the orbital speeds of individual stars, they don’t. MOND, …………. is agnostic on how many dwarf galaxies there should be; it’s fine with just a dozen. A) in addition to B) on the other hand C) what is more D) in accordance with E) as well as CORRECT ANSWERS (Doğru Yanıtlar) 1 ) A 2 ) C 3 ) E 4 ) C 5 ) B 6 ) D 7 ) D 8 ) B 9 ) B 10 ) B


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