İngilizce, İngilizce Test ( Gramer ) Alıştırma

1 –   İngilizce Özel ders ( Bireysel – İngilizce Özel ders )
2 –   İngilizce Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  İngilizce Özel ders )

Cümleleri tamamlamak için uygun zamanları seçin


1. Early signs of the rebirth of civilization in Western Europe —- to appear in the 11th century as trade —- again in Italy.

A) were beginning / will start

B) began / started

C) would begin / starts

D) begin / was starting

E) began / would be starting

2. When a group —- to a new country, its members —- that they have to modify their way of life, including their celebrations of significant events.

A) will immigrate / find

B) immigrated / would find

C) are immigrating / will be found

D) immigrate / find

E) were immigrating / found

3. When he —- that his nomination would mean competing with his closest friend he —- to withdraw.

A) realizes / will be decided

B) realized / was deciding

C) will realize / decides

D) would realize / decided

E) realized / decided

4. Computers that once —- up entire rooms —- now small enough to put on desktops and into wristwatches.

A) took / are

B) were taking / would be

C) will take / will be

D) are taking / will be

E) would take / are

5. The immune system —- by distinguishing between the body’s own materials and things that —- foreign to the body.

A) is working / were

B) works / would be

C) will be working / are

D) works / are

E) was working / will be

6. Despite the multiethnic nature of the Balkans it —- that most inhabitants of the peninsula ‘ —- common ancestors.

A) will seem / will share

B) seems / share

C) seemed / will share

D) seems / were sharing

E) would seem / will be sharing

7. The minute we —- his gift we —- him a note of thanks.

A) received / wrote

B) receive / would write

C) are receiving / wrote

D) will receive / would write

E) were receiving / wrote

8. Women and children —- a right to live their lives free from all forms of violence and abuse, and society —- a duty to recognize and defend this right.

A) will have / had

B) would have / has

C) have / has

D) will have / would have

E) have / had

9. As soon as there —- even a temporary break in the weather the climbers —- their attempt to reach the summit,

A) is / will renew

B) was / renew

C) will be / renewed

D) is / renewed

E) was / will renew

10. She said she —- late at the office that evening and that she —- home till about eleven.

A) is working / got

B) would work / isn’t getting

C) was working / gets

D) would be working / wouldn’t get

E) will be working / was getting

İngilizce ,İngilizce Test ( Gramer )CORRECT ANSWERS ( Doğru cevaplar )

1. began / started
2. immigrate / find
3. realized / decided
4. took / are
5. works / are
6. seems / share
7. received / wrote
8. have / has
9. is / will renew
10. would be working / wouldn’t get



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