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İngilizce , İngilizce Okuma Parçaları , İngilizce

Bringing up Children

Answer the questions according to the reading passage.

In bringing up children, every parent, regardless of ethnicity, income, education, or geographic location, watches eagerly the child’s acquisition of each new skill. However, it is often tempting to hurry the child beyond his natural learning rate, which can set up dangerous feelings of failure and states of worry in the child.
This might happen at any stage. A baby might be forced to use a toilet too early, a young child might be encouraged to learn to read before he knows the meaning of the words he reads. On the other hand, though, if a child is left alone too much, or without any learning opportunities, he loses his natural enthusiasm for life and his desire to find out new things for himself. Parents vary greatly in their degree of strictness towards their children. Some may be especially strict in money matters. Others are severed over times of coming home at night or punctuality for meals. In general, the controls imposed represent the needs of the parents and the values of the community as much as the child’s own benefit.

1. According to the passage, in the process of children’s learning new skills, parents —-.

A) must encourage them to read before they know the meaning of the

words they read

B) should achieve a balance between pushing them too hard and leaving

them on their own

C) never expect too much of their children

D) should create as many learning opportunities as possible for themselves

E) must exert strict control over the children

2. It is pointed out in the reading that —-.

A) parents should be strict with their children

B) parental controls reflect only the needs of the .parents and the values

of the community

C) parents must maintain strict control over their children’s pocket money

D) parents often enforce strict regulations on their children’s eating habits

E) parental restrictions vary, and are not always enforced for the benefit

of the children alone

3. As we understand from the passage, watching the child’s acquisition of new skills —-.

A) sets up dangerous states of worry in the parents

B) is universal among parents

C) ensures the security of their children

D) will make him lose interest in learning new things

E) is what parenting is all about

CORRECT ANSWERS ( Doğru Cevaplar )

1. B
2. E
3. B

İngilizce , İngilizce Okuma Parçaları , İngilizce

Active Passive Smoking

Answer the questions according to the reading passage.

İngilizce , İngilizce Okuma Parçaları , İngilizcePsychologist George Spilich at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, decided to find out whether, as many smokers say, smoking helps them to think and concentrate. He put non-smokers, active smokers and smokers deprived of cigarettes through a series of tests. In the first test, each subject sat before a computer screen and pressed a key as soon as he or she recognized a target letter. In this simple test, smokers, deprived smokers and non-smokers performed equally well. The next test was more complex. Non-smokers were faster, but under the stimulation of nicotine, active smokers were faster than deprived smokers. In the third test of short-term memory, non-smokers made the fewest errors, but deprived smokers committed fewer errors than active smokers. In the fourth test, non-smokers were the best and deprived smokers bested those who had smoked a cigarette just before testing. As the tests became more complex, non-smokers performed better than smokers by wider and wider margins.

1. It is pointed out in the passage that the purpose of George Spilich’s experiments is —-.

A) to test whether smoking has a positive effect on the mental capacity

of smokers

B) to show how smoking damages people’s mental capacity

C) to prove that smoking affects people’s regular performance

D) to show that non~smokers are less productive at work than smokers

E) to prove that nicotine helps people’s short term memory

2. We understand from the passage that —-.

A) active smokers in general performed better than deprived smokers

B) active smokers responded more quickly than the other subjects in all


C) the other subjects were not better than nonsmokers in the simplest


D) deprived smokers gave the slowest responses to the various tasks

E) non-smokers committed more errors than deprived smokers in most of

the tests

3. George Spilich’s experiment was conducted in such a way as to —-.

A) check the effectiveness of nicotine on nonsmokers

B) put the subjects through increasingly complex tests

C) finish the tests as quickly as possible

D) force the subjects to recall the words they learned

E) compel the subjects to respond as fast as possible

İngilizce , İngilizce Okuma Parçaları , İngilizce

CORRECT ANSWERS ( Doğru Cevaplar )

1. A
2. C
3. B
İngilizce , İngilizce Okuma Parçaları , İngilizce

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