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Fears of Children

Answer the questions according to the reading

Parents teach their children to be fearful and cautious of specific dangers, such as fire or crossing the road. Anxiety can be useful, because it helps protect the child from harm. However, children can be fearful of situations or objects that adults don’t consider threatening.The sources of fear may change as the child matures; for example, a fear of the dark or monsters under the bed may give way to fears of burglary or violence. Tactics that don’t work include teasing the child for being afraid, or compelling them to confront fearful situations. Helping the child to deal with fear includes taking their feelings seriously, encouraging them to talk about their anxieties, telling them the facts, and giving them the opportunity to confront their fears at their own pace and with your support.

İngilizce Okuma Parçaları

 1. It is stated in the article that —-.

A) parents should not teach their children to be cautious of specific


B) the best way to avoid fears during childhood is to ignore them

C) every single child has a fear of burglary and violence

D) making fun of the child’s fears is the best way to get rid of them

E) the fears of the childhood can lead to some other fears in the


2. It is clear from the passage that forcing the child to face his fears directly —-.

A) works when the child isn’t eager to talk about his fears

B) helps the child to learn the facts and realities

C) may protect him from same certain dangers

D) can be useful with same trivial fears

E) is not a good way to follow

3. It can be understood from the article that adults —-.

A) prefer to cope with difficult situations at their own pace

B) should talk to the child about his fears in an open and honest way

c) may have same fears but may not be aware of them

D) do not want to talk about their own fears unlike childr

E) are much more vulnerable to fearful situations than children

CORRECT ANSWERS ( Doğru Cevaplar )


1. E
2. E
3. B

İngilizce Okuma Parçaları


Students Learn

Choose the appropriate options according to the reading passage

İngilizce , İngilizce Okuma Parçaları ,İngilizceOne of the major processes that takes place in schools, of course, is that students learn. When they graduate from high school, many can use a computer, write essays with three-part theses, and differentiate equations. In addition to learning specific skills, they learn to think critically, to weigh evidence and to develop independent judgment. The extent to which this development takes place is related to both school and home environments. Teachers who are more open to new ideas and less authoritarian produce students who have greater intellectual flexibility and higher achievement test scores. Studies show that teachers are most demanding when they are of the same social class as their students. The greater the difference between their own social class and that of their pupils, the more rigidly they structure their classrooms and the fewer demands they place on their students.

İngilizce Okuma Parçaları

 1. It is stated in the passage that teachers who are more open to new ideas —-.

A) produce more successful students in terms of test scores and

intellectual flexibility

B) often come from a lower social class than their students

C) are more authoritarian towards students

D) discourage intellectual flexibility in schools

E) give students more homework

2. We learn from the reading that when students graduate from high school —-.

A) none of them are able to think critically

B) they can take the overall responsibility of anything

C) all of them have a good knowledge of computer usage

D) many of them have gained specific skills like writing essays and

differentiating equations

E) most of them lack knowledge because of unavailability of ideal learning


3. According to the reading, it is true that —-.

A) teachers who are from a higher social class than their students should

be hired

B) it is not so difficult to constitute ideal learning conditions

C) with close supervision every student can get high test scores

D) both the school and home environments greatly influence a student’s

achievement inschool

E) students learn best in a rigid classroom environment

CORRECT ANSWERS ( Doğru Cevaplar )
1. A
2. D
3. D

  İngilizce Okuma Parçaları

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