Cloze Test Çalışması , İngilizce Deneme


1   İngilizce Özel ders ( Bireysel – İngilizce Özel ders )
2 –   İngilizce Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  İngilizce Özel ders )

From the words listed below, choose the ones which best fit the space, A, B, C or D.



Parrots and macaws have become so (01)……… that special varieties of these birds are (02) ……… up to £9,000 each on the black market in Britain. Macaws from Brazil cost from £1,000 and parrots from Australia can cost £7,500 a pair The demand for parrots, cockatoos and macaws has led to a (03)……… increase in thefts from zoos, wildlife parks and pet shops. London and Whipsnade zoos are among the many places from which parrots have been stolen. Some thefts have not been (04)……… in an effort to prevent further (05)………. Parrot rustling, as it is known among bird fanciers, has increased rapidly in Britain since 1976 when imports and exports of (06)……… birds became (07)……… controlled.

Quarantine controls, (08)……… with the scarcity of many types of parrots in the wild in Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and South America, have caused a shortage of birds which can be sold legally under (09)………. This has sent prices to (10)……… levels.

Working at night and equipped with wire-cutters, nets and substances to dope the birds, the rustlers are prepared to (11)……… serious risks to capture the parrots they want. At Birdworld, a specialist zoo, thieves (12)……… two parrots after picking their (13)……… through an enclosure containing cassowaries, The cassowary is a large flightless bird, related to the emu, which can be extremely (14)………, and has been (15)……… to kill humans with blows from its powerful legs.

1. A. costly B. extinct C. outlandish D. rare

2. A. raising B. reaching C. lifting D. fetching

3. A. acute B. peak C. sharp D. high

4. A. published B. publicised C. advertised D. told

5. A. happenings B. incidents C. acts D. activities

6. A. unusual B. uncommon C. exotic D. strange

7. A. tightly B. hardly C. toughly D. grimly

8. A. coupled B. doubled C. attached D. accompanied

9. A. warranty B. guarantee C. licence D. law

10. A. unknown B. unheard C. record D. highest

11. A. sustain B. assume C. take D. make

12. A. thieved B. robbed C. misappropriated D. stole

13. A. way B. road C. path D. lane

14. A. aggressive B. fighting C. bad-tempered D. rough

15. A. heard B. known C. considered D. able


1. D. rare

2. D. fetching

3. C. sharp

4. B. publicised

5. B. incidents

6. C. exotic

7. A. tightly

8. A. coupled

9. C. licence

10. C. record

11. C. take

12. D. stole

13. A. way

14. A. aggressive

15. B. known

From the words listed below, choose the ones which best fit the space, A, B, C or D.


 Cloze Test Çalışması , İngilizceIt is not so much the scandals and disputes of recent years that have (01)….. the Olympic Games. It is their (02)…. enormity, their excessive cost, their (03)….. of national pride. One very sensible suggestion is that future Games should be (04)….. to individual events in which one person clearly wins. All team games would (05)….., and no one would feel any loss at the disappearance of Olympic soccer, a (06)….. shadow of the more professional game.

Anything which required judging would also be (07)…… One reason for this is the difficulty of obtaining fair and accurate judges. An (08)….. example of this is the case of Jacqueline de Bief, a former (9) world figure skating champion. She revealed to the (10)….. that she was sometimes offered generous (11)….. in exchange for what one newspaper called “an amorous adventure”.

If events that required judging were excluded, it would also (12)….. the Games of boxing, wrestling, and the boring diving competitions. It would also eliminate sailing, largely a matter of boat building, and horse jumping, largely a matter of the horse. Under (13)….. circumstances, the individual would be (14)….. to his rightful place, and a (15)….. size to the Games would be achieved.

1. A. warned B. threatened C. reproached D. shocked

2. A. sheer B. vast C. heavy D. massive

3. A. pampering B. easing C. indulgence D. spoiling

4. A. held B. restricted C. limit D. decided

5. A. remove B. depart C. leave D. go

6. A. slight B. dull C. pale D. empty

7. A. undone B. left C. omit D. excluded

8. A. extreme B. outside C. upset D. unlimited

9. A. former B. ex C. passed D. formerly

10. A. paper B. press C. journal D. magazine

11. A. awards B. marks C. numbers D. odds

12. A. remove B. take C. rid D. scratch

13. A. such B. this C. most D. normal

14. A. retained B. ascended C. renovated D. restored

15. A. sane B. approximate C. accepted D. sensible


1. threatened

2. sheer

3. indulgence

4. restricted

5. go

6. pale

7. excluded

8. extreme

9. former

10. press

11. marks

12. rid

13. such

14. restored

15. sensible

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