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İnversion, Devrik Cümleler Hakkında Bilgi

1 –   İngilizce Özel ders ( Bireysel – İngilizce Özel ders )
2 –   İngilizce Özel ders – 4 kişilik gruplarla yapılan  İngilizce Özel ders )

Rewrie the following sentences to create greater emphasis by making an inversion in the conditioanal calause

1  If you were the wife of a famous man, you would be forever in the public eye.
Were you the wife of a famous man, you would be forever in the public eye.

2  If the goverment were able to reduce the crime rate, everyone would feel more at ease.
3  If I had recieved an official invitation, I would undoubtedly have gone to the Royal Premiere .
4  If helicopters were less dangerous , I would buy one for my personal use.
5  If you should fail your driving test, you can retake itas many times as you want.
6  If it hadn't been for the fact that Mr. Hakan Erkmen was so tall, he would have been rather less noticeable.
7  If you gad read the questions properly, you would certainly have passed the exam.
8  If Mr. Sabancı had realised at the interviewhow brilliant you are at crossword puzzles, he would definitely have given you tha job.
9  If the maid were not so lazy, she would wash the dishes instead of giving them to the dog to lick clean.
10 If you should require my help , you may call me at any timeof the day or night.

Rewrite these sentences by making an inversion, using the adverbs in brackets.
( Parantez içinde verilen zarfları kullanarak bu cümleleri "Devrik Cümle " olarak yeniden yazın )

1  I can't go out until I've finished my homework  ( not till )
Not till I've finished my homework can I go out

2  I had never before seen  such a beautiful place  ( never before )
3  Our team not only won the football match , they won the championship  ( not only )
4  Şengül and Murat don't understand theit teacher ( not )
5  She doesn't often see her family ( rarely )
6  He was only able to pass his exam by studying hard every night. ( only )
7  This button must not be pressed on any account ( on no account )
8  Mehmet became so ill that he almost die. ( so )
9 He had hardly sat down when the phone rang. ( hardly )
10 She can only sleep at night when she knows all the doors are locked.
11  Cornflakes aren't sold anywhere in tthis town ( nowhere )
12  The old man scarcely ever leaves his house ( scarcely ever )
13 The water is seldom cut off in our erea. ( seldom )
14 Officials never make things  easy ( never )
15 Murat had no friends and he didn't want any. ( nor )
16  The country has scarcely ever witnessed such a great victory
17  He barely maneged to save enough money for his bills ( barely )
18  The church stands there , in the centre of the town. ( there )
19  The train comes ( here )
20  The largest rtee in the city grows ( here )

Test on Inversion

Complete the sentences with one of the items giving completing the sentence best
( Cümleyi en iyi tamamlamak için verilen ögelerden bir ile cümleyi tamamlayınız )

1 into the bath when the phone rang .

A) Hardly have I
B) Hardly had I
C) Hardly had
D) Hardly I

2  Rarely ...............................with sinceraly .

A) politicians do
B) they do speak
C) do politicians
D) do politicians speak

3   So ............................ thatfew people pass the entrance exam .

A) difficult it is
B) difficult is it
C) difficult
D) it is difficult

4  ...................................I would have laughed .

A) I had known
B) Would I known
C) If I knew
D) Had I known

5  On no account ...........................early .

A) you may leave
B) you can't leave
C) may you leave
D) you leave

6  Behind him ..........................

A) stood the thief
B) the thief
C) is standing the thief
D) stood him

7  ..........................did China win the gold medal but the silver two .

A) Once in a while
B) Not only
C) Neither
D) Never

8  Only when threatened ...........................humans .

A) wolves will attack
B) most wolves will attack
C) will most wolves attack
D) will attack wolves

9 her wealth that she need never work again .

A) Not only
B) Such
C) Rarely
D) Hardly

10 , I'll be at home .

A) Should you need
B) you should need
C) You need
D) If need


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